Streaming Server Hosting

Broadcast your events online!

Streaming hosting service that powers reliable streaming of high quality video and audio to any device, any where !

Joy Online Services offers quality streaming hosting¬†services in all formats and to all devices. Committed on providing you and your audience the faster, most reliable and user-friendly streaming hosting service, we provide a feature rich and fully enabled live and on demand video streaming hosting service. It comes in an easy-to-use, self-service environment. One can quickly sign up and begin streaming in minutes. It allows video or audio monetization to be seamlessly integrated into an existing service as well. Following are some of the features…

  • Live & On Demand Streaming
  • High quality, Low latency
  • Schedule videos to auto play
  • Secure Streaming
  • Stream Any Media to Any Device
  • Easy web based control panel
  • Embed player any where
  • Video recording
  • Easy and Do it Yourself
  • Integration tools for your website
  • real-time reporting tools
  • and many more…


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